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Wick Feed Oilers


Vari-Feed wick oilers are used to provide a controlled amount of oil to a bearing or other machinery part. The principle of delivery combines gravity feed with capillary action in the wick to provide a constant feed rate of oil regardless of the fill level in the reservoir. Feed rate is determined by the viscosity of the oil and the type of wick being used.

Two styles of operation are available depending on the application. When continuous delivery is required the N or NS models are used.

For on-off control of the oiler, the NA and NAS models have a filler cap with gasket that stops oil delivery when fully closed. By turning the fill cap slightly, the threaded air vent is opened allowing oil to flow.


  • Feed rate is constant and adjustable only by changing to a different wick.
  • 5 wick speeds are available and color coded for easy replacement or installation. A multi-pack of different wick speeds is included with each oiler
  • Dust proof caps supplied with N and NS models. NA and NAS models have sealed cap and operate only when caps is in vent position.
  • Plastic reservoirs have reinforcing ribs for long life.
  • Oil sight available on NS and NAS models for visual indication of oil flow.
  • Copper brazing of all steel connections provides long life and leak proof design.
  • Zinc plating resists corrosion.


Max. Operating Temp.: 165ºF Continuous
Reservoir: Butyrate Plastic
Oil Sight: Acrylic
Sight Gaskets: Buna-N
Wicking Wire: Cored Cotton
Material: Steel and Brass
Finish Bright Zinc Plated

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