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Watchdog Vapor Sentry


Pumps, gearboxes, and some hydraulic reservoirs generate heavy oil mist, which is thrown up and out, or simply migrates, through the vent. This oil mist forms droplets of oil on the outside of the equipment creating an environmental issue, a safety issue, and ongoing clean-up procedures. If a desiccant breather is being used on the equipment, its useful life can be significantly shortened.

The Watchdog VaporSentry Oil Coalescing Breather solves these problems. The original breather or vent cap is removed and replaced with the Watchdog VaporSentry. The original breather is then reinstalled on top of the coalescing unit. The connection on top of the unit is a 1/2" MNPT which is designed to mate with the Watchdog Mini Desiccant Breathers. A simple screw-on adapter allows the use of the Watchdog slip-fits (39100, 39101, and 39102) or X-Series breathers with the Watchdog VaporSentry.

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