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Watchdog Extreme Humidity


In certain extreme operating environments such as a paper mill or a steam cleaning rooms, the humidity level far exceeds normal industrial environments. In these situations, lubricants and other fluids stored in tanks and reservoirs need the protection of a desiccant breather even more. However, small temperature variations draw in the humid air and unnecessarily reduce the life of the breather. The Watchdog® Extreme Humidity Breathers incorporate two check valves, one to control airflow into the protected reservoir and one to control airflow out. This prolongs the life of the desiccant by allowing the air to flow through the breather only when needed to protect the integrity of the tank.
Unlike a membrane system, which does not allow internally generated gases and contaminants to exit the system, the Watchdog Extreme Humidity Breather offers all of the advantages of breathing air in and out of the tank while removing water vapor and solid particles before they contaminate the fluid.


  • Water Vapor Adsorbent - longer lasting desiccant formulated specifically for maximum efficiency at humidity levels of 80% and higher.
  • Color Indicating - When maximum adsorption is reached the silica gel turns from gold to dark green, indicating replacement is needed. The silica gel used is chemically inert, non-corrosive, and does not contain cobalt chloride, a heavy metal. The color changing dye used is environmentally safe and meets all health and safety requirements.
  • Durable Construction - Watchdog Breathers are manufactured from rugged ABS plastic and impact modified acrylic.
  • Easy Connection - Models are available with 1" slip fit connection which mates with the standard Watchdog Breather adapters or with a 2" male NPT connection.


Nominal Air Flow Rate: 35 CFM (250 gpm of fluid volume change)
Operating Temperature Range: -20ºF to 200ºF (-28ºC to 93ºC)
Material: ABS plastic and impact-modified acrylic
Particulate Filtration: Level 2 Micron Filter

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