Airkye Fluid Power

Industrial Automated Lubrication Systems


V Series Valves & VM Manifolds


V series valves are used with full flow dispensers where feed rate adjustment is desired at the point of lubrication.

VM series manifolds are used with full flow dispensers and allow Trico applicators to be mounted directly to them. With adjustable adapters and integral needle valves, these manifolds allow easy setting at the point of lubrication.


  • Horizontal design of needle valve minimizes contamination at the valve seat.
  • V series valves and VM manifolds have 1 to 6 outlets.
  • Clean out plugs provide easy cleaning when required.
  • Heavy wall acrylic or heat resistant glass sights allow easy setting of the desired drip rate.
  • Silver brazing of all brass construction provides long life and leak proof design.


Max. Operating Temp.: Glass 250ºF Continuous
                                   Acrylic 165ºF Continuous
Oil Sight: Heavy Wall Heat Resistant Glass
              Heavy Wall Acrylic Plastic
Gasket: Buna-N
Packing Gland: Graphite
Material: Brass
Finish: Lacquered Satin Finish
Needle Valve: Brass

  • Trico