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Streamliner M 500 cc


The Streamliner M family now offers a larger reservoir capacity of 500cc to meet the demand for multi-point lubrication and the lubrication of large size bearings. The larger reservoir volume minimizes labor cost associated with the more frequent grease cartridge replacement that occurs with the 125cc and 250cc units.

The grease is supplied in a customized 500cc grease pouch. The grease pouch and battery pack are replaceable as a “Service Pack”. The service pack consists of one of six standard greases with either a standard alkaline battery pack or high performance lithium battery pack, depending on the requirements of the application (see selection chart above).

The Streamliner M 500cc consists of a vertical feed pump, motor/gear set, and microprocessor control system, which delivers an operating pressure of 280 psi. The lithium battery pack allows you to achieve higher pressures which makes the unit ideal for multi-point lubrication. When used with Trico’s distribution block a single unit can lubricate up to eight lubrication points.


  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Electro-mechanical driven with microprocessor control
  • Eight variable dispensing rates - half, 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months
  • Multi-point lubrication capability up to eight points
  • Indication of grease pouch and battery replacement
  • Indication of motor overloading along with date
  • Indication of days remaining until servicing
  • Immediate start/stop
  • Auto locking mode


Grease Capacity: 500cc (16 ounces)
Power Supply: DC 4.5 Volt (Replaceable)
                       Standard Alkaline Battery
                       Lithium Battery
Normal Operating Pressure: 280 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure: 800 psi
Unit Operating Temperature: Standard Battery: 14ºF - 122ºF
                      Lithium Battery: -40ºF - 140ºF
Dispensing Rates: Half, 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 24 months
Six Standard Greases: Mobilgrease XHP 222
                      Exxon Unirex EP2
                      Mobil SHC 100
                      Mobilgrease FM 222
                      Mobilith SHC 220
                      Mobilith SHC PM 460
Thread Size: 3/8 NPT

  • Trico