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Positive Displacement Injectors


Positive Displacement Injectors (PDI's) are an excellent means of providing oil lubrication to machinery. Using a piston principle, the PDI will lubricate individual points with specific amounts of oil. There are 6 output sizes to choose from: 0.06, 0.10, 0.16, 0.20, 0.30, and 0.50 cc's per cycle. A typical system will include a pump, and any number of PDI's, and the necessary tubing and fittings.

At the start of the lubrication cycle, the PE-34 or PE-44 Series pump builds pressure. Upon pressure build-up, the PDI's deliver the pre-set amount of oil. At the end of the lubrication cycle, a pressure unloading valve opens to return line pressure to 0 PSI. This allows the PDI's to reset for the next cycle.


Inlet Thread Size: 1/8 BSPT
Outlet Thread Size: M8 x 1.0
Operating Pressure: 200 PSI
Pump Required: PE-34 or PE-44
Oil Viscosity: 30-250 CST (150-1250 SUS)

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