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Oil Safe® products


Oil Safe® products provide a safe, easy method of transporting, handling, and dispensing lubricating fluids in a wide variety of applications. These products are durable and built with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to perform in hostile environments. Ultra-violet and anti-static agents have been added to protect the product from ultra-violet degradation and the accumulation of static electricity.

Storage Lid
This compact and durable lid allows pre-filled drums to be easily transported and stored.

Utility Lid
This multi-purpose lid allows for rapid pouring of oils, making it ideal for topping off machinery such as crankcases or large engine blocks. Outlet hole on Utility Lid is 50 mm. Fitting an Oil Safe® Pump to the Utility Lid will allow oil to be pumped out of 3, 5, or 10 liter drum.

Mini Spout Lid
The Mini Spout Lid has an outlet diameter of approximately 7 mm, making it ideal for controlled pouring into small reservoirs or filler holes.

Stretch Spout Lid
Ideal for use with lower viscosity oils or where precise pouring is required. For precision pouring applications involving oil viscosity grades of ISO 220 or less. Spout valve has a 12 mm outlet hole.

Stumpy Spout Lid
Ideal for topping off engines, crankcases, and other applications where higher flow is required. Spout valve has a 24 mm outlet hole.

Drums - 2, 3, 5, & 10
The robust and durable drums feature a wide opening for rapid no spill filling, easy cleaning and will fit any lid.

Oil Safe® Pump
Ideal for those awkward and hard to reach oil top off applications such as motorcycles, gearboxes, lathes and milling machines. Supplied with outlet hose and anti-drip nozzle. The Oil Safe® Pump delivers 1 liter for approximately every 14 strokes. Simply fit the pump to a Utility Lid and mate with a 3, 5, or 10 liter drum. For small reservoirs and filler holes an optional Pump Reducer Nozzle is available that slides over Oil Safe® Pump nozzle. Reduces from 3/8" OD - 1/4" ID.

Spout Hose Extensions
Fitting a Stretch or Stumpy Spout Hose Extension, will enable controlled pouring into awkward or hard to reach places. The hose can be pulled from the fitting and cut to length as required.

Manufactured for Trico Mfg. Corp. under co-branding agreement. Oil Safe® is a registered trademark of Oil Safe Systems Pty. Ltd.


  • Spout valve regulates oil flow and reduces oil contamination due to rain, sand, and dust entering through open spout.
  • Nozzles twist close to reduce contamination.
  • Lids available in ten different colors for easy identification of lubricant grade and/or type: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, dark green, black, gray, and tan.
  • Large carry handle, which doubles up as a hook so drums can be hung up out of the way.
  • See through graduated drums make liquid levels easy to see and measure.
  • Wide range of spouts, hoses, and nozzles allow easy filling to awkward points.
  • Buna-N o-ring seals lubricant from the external environment.
  • Convoluted drum profile and large inlet hole allows for easy grip when filling.
  • All lids and drums are interchangeable.
  • Drum labels and lids can be color coded to provide easy identification of lubricant type or grade.


O-ring: Buna-N
Temperature Range: -104ºF to 176ºF
Material: High Density Polyethylene
Additives: UV stabilizers and anti-statics

  • Trico