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Low-Viscosity Filter Cart


The Low-Viscosity Portable Filter Cart System provides convenient off-line filtration, flushing, conditioning, and fluid transfer of industrial oils. The system is capable of delivering a flow up to 14 GPM and is rated for use with lubricants up to a viscosity 2,000 SUS @ 100ºF. To ensure equipment receives the cleanest oil possible for increased life, the system utilizes a two-stage filtration process--oil enters through the primary element where coarse particulate is removed and then moves through the secondary filter element where fine particulate and water is removed. For added utility, the new filtration system features differential pressure gauges that indicate when each of the filtration elements need to be changed. Two sampling port are included as well for safely sampling and monitoring the condition of oil..

A variety of filter elements are available to meet recommended manufacturer cleanliness levels.


  • Bypass Valve - Allows transfer of oil without filtering
  • Oil Sampling Ports - Two sampling ports available to monitor condition of oil
  • Manifold System - Encompasses valves and plumping in one location
  • Dual Filters - Two-stage filtration for long element life and pump protection
  • Industrial Strength Tires - Wide tires capable of getting over large grate gaps
  • Heavy Duty Cart - Rugged and built to last
  • Pressure Relief Valve - Prevents over pressurizing and damage to pump, hoses, and filter
  • Check Valve - Prevents fluid back flow when pump vertically
  • Differential Pressure Gauges - Indicates when elements need to be changed
  • Hose & Wand Assembly - Heavy steel wire reinforced clear PVC hoses with 3' long metal


Pump Type: Steel Internal Gear Pump
Flow Capacity:14 GPM
Electric Motor Rating: 1-1/2 HP @ 1750 RPM
Maximum Inlet Vacuum: 8" of Mercury
Hose Sizing: 1" Inlet and Outlet @ 6' Long
Maximum Operating Temperature: 150ºF (65ºC)
Pressure Relief: 100 PSI
Maximum Viscosity: 430 cSt @ 40ºC / 2,000 SUS
Seal and Gasket Material: Mechanical - Static
Electrical Service Required: 115 Volts, 15.2 Amps, Single Phase, 60 Hz
Maximum Filter Operating Pressure: 120 PSI
Weight: 130 lbs
Dimensions: 28"W x 18"D x 48"H

  • Trico
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