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Hydraulic Resevoir Breather Kit


Because airborne contaminants can quickly disrupt and negate your sample, Trico offers specially designed Breather Kits. These kits feature a two-stage breather system that utilizes a filter to block airborne particles and desiccant to remove, harmful, unwanted moisture. The system ensures a permanent closure on all hydraulic reservoirs and makes sure the lubricating fluid remains closed off from airborne contamination throughout the sampling process.

The kit's filter and desiccant are completely independent of one another and are replaceable. An optional filter reminder vacuum gauge can be used to indicate when the filter element on the breather has become clogged and needs replacing.

A male quick connect can be plumbed to the 6-bolt adapter plate (this plate replaces the standard filler/breather cap) to fit a down pipe for filling reservoirs with new oil through a filter cart without opening the system to the environment.

For static sampling of the oil from the system reservoir, the 6-bolt adapter plate can incorporate a sample port connected to a sample tube. The tube conveniently extends to the middle of the fluid level in the system reservoir to allow samples to be taken from the exact location inside the system every time.


  • Optional filter reminder indicates remaining life of filter element.
  • Color coded desiccant changes colors indicating replacement is needed, when maximum adsorption is reached.
  • Optional sample port is available with sampling drop tubes 12", 18", and 24" lengths.


Absolute Micron Rating (filter element): 3 microns
Air Flow Capacity (filter element): 135 gpm
Filtration Area (filter element): 109 sq in

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