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The Ferroscope FS-6 analytical ferrography optical microscope is specially assembled by Predict with attachments and options that enhance particle identification and interpretation. The Ferroscope FS-6 comes with three magnification powers, from 100x to 1,000x. A technician can scan a Ferrogram quickly at low power looking for obvious abnormal particles, interpret particle origin and wear mechanism at 500x, and gain more insight into stress directions at 1,000x.

The Ferroscope FS-6 is equipped with reflective and transmitted light sources so that a Ferrogram can be illuminated from above and below. A red light source illuminated above the Ferrogram causes the light to be reflected off particles and a green light source below the Ferrogram causes light to be transmitted. Any metallic particles will reflect light, whereas non-metallic particles transmit light.


  • Bi-chromatic light (two light sources, reflected and transmitted) for identifying metallic versus non-metallic debris
  • Three magnification powers; 100x, 500x, and 1000x enable rapid scanning to minute detailing
  • Field of view is 50% greater than previous ferroscopes, optics are infinity corrected eliminating focus problems
  • Light source powers are increased in intensity over past models allowing better definition and much better photography
  • Tri-nocular system allows the addition of cameras, including video, and digital photography
  • Red and green light filters aid in identification of particle
  • Polarizer and analyzers help identify particulate and fibrous contamination
  • Ergonomic design enables analyst to rest arms on table while adjusting focus which virtually eliminates carpal tunnel syndrome for frequent users


Size: 23.5"L x 12"W x 32"H
Weight: 40 lbs
Power: 100V or 220V AC

  • Trico