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Lincoln has introduced 10 new models of its new 203 AC compact automatic lubrication pump.  The new VAC pump automatically adjusts to handle varying electrical supply voltages ranging from 94 to 265 volts, 50 to 60 Hz. These new pumps are added to six DC models that were introduced last year, bringing the number stocked in the United States to 26. The line offers reliable performance in harsh environments with many models that automatically monitor for low lubricant levels and feedline blockage.

The compact 203 AC is designed to be used in progressive automated lubrication systems, such as Lincoln's Quicklub® and Modular Lube® systems, and works well in environments ranging from -13 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 to 70 degrees Celsius).  The unit operates with grease up to NLGI #2 or oil of at least 40 cSt (centistokes).

The pump consists of a housing with integrated motor, reservoir with stirring paddle and pump element.  The clear reservoir allows for visual monitoring of the lubricant level and is available in two-, four- and eight-liter sizes.  Customers may choose from either a grease- or oil-pumping product.

Several of the new 203s feature low-level sensors that allow continual monitoring of the reservoir lubricant supply, while others have the sensors plus cost-saving microprocessor controls. Utilizing the microprocessor-controlled 203s reduces the cost of control boards and allows the use of EPROM technology, which permanently saves control and monitor settings when electric power is lost.

Introduced only a few years ago, the Quicklub 203 was recognized quickly for its ability to extend machinery maintenance intervals. Since that time, several major construction and agricultural machinery OEMs have begun to install the unit as the factory standard on their equipment. The 203 is especially popular with hammer breaker OEMs because the pump lubricates hammer drills continually, eliminating the need to shut hammers down every two hours for regreasing.

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