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QLS 301 and 311 Remote Control

Lincoln has introduced its Quicklub¨ QLS 301 and QLS 311 lubrication systems for applications using a customer's PLC.  These new remote control systems are new versions of the grease (QLS 301) and oil (QLS 311) automated lubrication systems introduced recently.

These systems, which include a pump and an integrated lubricant metering device, significantly reduce the cost of unplanned downtime due to component wear or scheduled manual lubrication of components. They are compact, rugged and easy to install. The optional installation kit provides all the line, fittings and accessories required for efficient installation.

The new product versions were developed for customers who wanted the reliability and convenience provided by the QLS 301 and QLS 311 systems, but who were better served by systems without a controller.  These products allow the customer to be in control of the lubrication process for remote programming or a remote manual run.

The units are available in 24-volt direct current models that monitor system cycling, lubricant levels and blocked line detection capability or in 120-volt alternating current versions with no monitoring that are controlled by the customerÕs PLC.  Similar to the original products, the new QLS 301 and QLS 311 systems were designed to handle up to NLGI #2 grease and oil, respectively, and from six to 18 lubrication points.

The QLS 301 and QLS 311 are suited for temperatures ranging from -10 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 to 70 degrees Celsius). The sturdy back mounted system withstands severe operating conditions in shock applications and is vibration tested to the strictest specifications of the mobile equipment industry. The housing of both systems have NEMA 4 (USA) and IP6K9K (Europe) enclosure ratings for high-pressure wash downs in food and beverage applications.

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