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Data Logger Pump with QuickData Software

Lincoln has introduced its new Data Logger pumps and QuickData software for logging various data from lubrication systems.  An integrated computer chip in its new Quicklub® 233 Series pumps records valuable lubrication information so that fleet owners/operators and rental houses can verify that equipment is maintained correctly.

The Data Logger records original pump settings and changes to those settings, as well as both automatic and manual cycles of the pump.  In addition, the unit records if the pump ran out of lubricant or system faults such as a blockage in a lubricant line.  The information can be read directly from the pump’s LCD screen.

By using a computer and optional QuickData software, operators can retrieve information from the Data Logger and have it stored and organized for easier access.  The software is compatible with all current forms of Microsoft Windowsâ operating systems including ME, NT and 2000, as well as Microsoft Pocket PC operating systems.  Available in several languages, the inexpensive software requires no special devices to operate.  The pump is designed to transmit information for storage and analysis to any device receiving infrared signals.

The Data Logger pumps have a unique internal serial number that can be renamed or identified with the machine or specific operator using that equipment, allowing for the organization of data on several pumps.

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