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The MaxaMizer is a computer controlled, low pressure, airless spray system that dispenses lubricant from as many as twelve nozzles. A LSP computer controls the spraying of the lubricant and can be located remote from the manifold and the nozzles. The manifold can be up to eight feet from the controller and the nozzles can be up to eight feet from the manifold for a total of sixteen feet from the LSP computer. Ideal for large stamping presses, transfer presses, roll formers and other types of metal forming machines.

The simplicity of the LSP MaxaMizer allows the lubricating systems to be set up in a matter of minutes on the press. Nozzles can be located on the press in two ways. They can be located on the press with strong magnets and repositioned when a new die is placed in the press. They can also be built into the die with in-die nozzles. Quick disconnects are used on the supply lines so that when a die is to be removed the lines are disconnected and the die removed. When the new die with in-die nozzles is inserted in the press the quick disconnect is reconnected and MaxiMizer is ready to go.
The MaxaMizer controls allows the operator to shut off nozzles that are not needed for a particular die set up. The operator then has the ability to individually program each of the operating nozzles as to when they will spray and how much lubricant each nozzle will dispense during the cycle of the press. When dies are changed, nozzles that were inactive can be repositioned and reprogrammed and active nozzles can be deactivated until further need.


  • Computerized Airless Spray Lubricating System
  • Up to Two Inputs and Twelve Outputs.
  • Nozzles can be Located Sixteen Feet from Controller
  • Each Nozzle individually controlled for:
  1.  Delay Time, when it, Dispenses Fluid
  2.  Amount of On Time, How long Fluid is Dispensed
  3.  Count, Which Cycle it Dispenses Fluid.
  • LSP Industries
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