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Floater Coater

The FloaterCoater is the roller coater of the future for the metal stamping industry today. It is constructed of stainless steel and with rolls that float with the movement of the coil stock. Manifolds dispense lubricant to the surface of the rolls where it is transferred in an even coating to the coil stock. The FloaterCoater is a computer controlled roller coater that disperses the correct amount of lubricant on each cycle of the press. Manifolds can be shut off if a particular strip of the coil stock does on need lubrication, thus saving on lubricant cost. Rolls are held in such a manner that they can be removed and installed in minutes. All of the features of the FloaterCoater were designed for delivering the most controlled lubrication to the surface of coil stock while still giving the operator ease of operation and maintenance of the system.

  • LSP Industries
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