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The CompuSpray Cabinet is the perfect accessory for the PresSpray. A totally enclosed spray cabinet where lubricant is applied to coil stock as it passes through on its way to the die. Brushes at the entrance and exit contain the lubricant within the cabinet and also spreads it out evenly as it exits the cabinet. Any excess lubricant is drained back to the reservoir to be reused again. Flanges, entrance and exit can be added for hands free treading through the cabinet and support for the stock as it exits the cabinet. Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel designed to last a lifetime. Easy to use, Easy to setup. All assembly is done at the LSP factory saving the end user valuable setup time. 


Spray Cabinet to Lubricate Coil stock
Stainless Steel Construction
Inner Guides Keeps Stock Centered as it Passes Through
Nozzles Top and Bottom to lubricate the coil stock
Bottom Drain to Return Excess Lubricant to Reservoir
Brushes on Entrance and Exit to Contain Spray

  • LSP Industries
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