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Industrial Automated Lubrication Systems


Single Series Lubrication

Automatic lubrication made simple!

Graco's electrochemical (gas) and electromechanical (motor-driven), single series lubricators deliver small, predetermined amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals.


  • Get an uninterrupted supply of fresh lubricant directly to your bearings or lubrication points
  • Extend your equipment's life by giving it the right amount of lubrication - great for those hard to reach locations
  • Easy to use, with minimal up-front investment
  • Prevent over and under lubrication typical of manual lubrication (grease gun) methods
  • Lasts up to 12 months, depending on the model you choose
  • Choose from electrochemical and electromechanical models, in metal or transparent plastic housing


  • EC-120 - metal body construction, a durable and reliable, general purpose lubricator
  • EC-100 - transparent plastic body, designed for use in hygienically clean environments, high corrosion applications
  • CT-120 - metal body construction, designed for cold temperature applications
  • EM Drive - battery-powered design, UL-listed suitable for Class I, Div. 2, groups A, B, C, D, Class II, Div. 2 groups F, G and Class II, hazardous locations
  • EM-XP - externally powered-turns on and off with the on/off cycle of the machine
  • EC-XC - externally powered and controlled; interfaces directly with your machine's controller
  • Graco
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