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G3 Electric Lubrication Pumps

Graco's new G3 electric lubrication pump gives you unmatched flexibility in a rugged, cost-effective package. G3 includes adjustable pump elements and three different controller options to give you the level of control you need. Big features in a compact pump...try G3 today!


  • Powerful pumping performance-delivers up to 5100 psi (352 bar) for handling NLGI #2 grease, even in cold temperatures
  • Two reservoir styles to choose from to prevent grease separation-stirring paddle or follower plate-style
  • One, two or three pump elements for higher output on large projects
  • AC and DC power choices
  • Advanced flow dynamics to reduce stagnant flow areas
  • Offset piston pump element design for less wear and longer lasting components in tough applications
  • Graco
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