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Divider Valves

Graco/Trabon Divider valves, divider blocks


Divider valves are offered in three different threads. SAE, NPSF, and BSPP. Available for grease or oil systems up to 3,500 PSI. Divider valves can lubricate up to 16 different points per each valve assembly. Several different accessories are available for the Trabon Divider Valves including: cycle indicator pin, universal cycle counter, magnetic visual indicator, proximity switch, automatic relief-to-atmosphere indicator, and a manual reset indicator.


  • MD Divider Valves
  • MJ Divider Valves
  • MSP, MSV, MS/MH Divider Valves
  • MXP Divider Valves
  • MGO Divider Valves
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