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Centro-Matic SL-V Injector

Lincoln has introduced the new SL-V Injector for use with its industry-standard Centro-Matic® automatic lubrication system. Though developed for heavy industries such as mining, paper, steel and sugar, the SL-V can be used in most applications where significant output per cycle is required.

The SL-V's patented design allows Centro-Matic systems to vent and injectors to reset many times faster, increasing system performance. Utilizing the SL-V makes it possible to reduce supply line diameter, which saves money on plumbing costs when designing a system. In addition, test results show the SL-V Injectors last twice as long as SL-1, and the SL-V comes with a two-year warranty. The SL-V features reduce maintenance costs of the Centro-Matic system and minimize lubricant consumption. Because it can operate with longer supply lines, the SL-V offers greater flexibility when installing lubrication systems.

The SL-V can use heavier greases, potentially eliminating the need to change-out lubricant during climate variations. The injector's superior venting capability meets the requirements of many traditional two-line applications, making it possible to replace dual-line systems.

The high-performance, manifold-mounted injector features a unique, two-chamber design and has a 6,000 psi pressure rating.

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