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HyperFormance Reclamation


High speed, near dry machining places increased demands on metal-cutting machinery. Requirements call for faster spindle operations, as well as increased control of lubrication system outputs to minimize fluid usage. Bijur Delimon’s HyperFormance Air/Oil Reclamation System provides machine tool users with lubricating air/oil mix control to optimize faster spindle operation and recirculate airborne particles to support uncontaminated near dry machining.

The system fully supports clean near dry machinery processes, the benefits include:

Clean parts and clean machine (no oil contamination).
Uncontaminated chips (eliminates use of recycling cleaning process or expensive disposal fluid treatment – typically 10-15% manufacturing savings).
Safety and environmentally friendly (clean air helps meet OSHA requirements).
Increased production efficiency (faster achievement of cutting speeds due to efficient spindle lubrication).

  • Bijur Delimon